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My Story

I still remember crying in despair at the age of four in my first and last acting class. My parents signed my up because they thought I was too shy, too quiet, and spending too much time playing alone.

In school, I was a top student. I didn't ask questions, didn't raise my hand to answer questions, didn't talk in class with friends. Don't take me wrong, I had a couple of very close friends, and I listened a lot, they talked a lot.

Normally, top students get to be on the class committee. For years, I was the only good student without any special role in class. I do notice the difference in how the teachers treated me versus other out-spoken good students, but I had no desire to be a committee member. I used to panic when I have to talk to people. I preferred animals a lot more than humans.

Fast forward 20 years, sometimes I still prefer animals over humans (oops). I guess some things are hard to change. But the me 20 years ago wouldn't believe that I am now a coach and trainer. Engaging with people is both my passion and my way of making a living. I am creating a meaningful life by helping more introverts move towards a fuller expression of who they are.

I am still soft-spoken. I still enjoy time alone. I still listen more than I speak. And I have learned that that's exactly my super power as a leader.

There were many milestones in my own transformative journey as an introvert. Learning to say no. Learning to prioritise my needs. Learning to speak and take actions before I feel I am fully ready. Learning to express my feelings and emotions verbally. Learning to accept who I am and see my contributions clearly...

Now, I am living in Singapore with my lovely husband and 2 beautiful black cats, continuing my journey as an awakening introvert leader, building a life that honours my values and creates meanings from a place of who I am.

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